2015 Toyota Corolla: Owner Reviews
by WylieD on 06-16-2017:
Overall - 5.0
Comfort - 5/5
Performance - 5/5
Fuel Economy - 5/5
Interior Design - 5/5
Exterior Styling - 5/5
Reliability - 5/5

Great ride
I enjoy driving this sporty good on gas vehicle. Don’t like the smell from the indoor filter. I think Toyota is the only dealers that have that in their cars. I have owned a Toyota for 12 + years now and this is one feature that I don’t like. I love my sunroof on breezy days , the whole roof seems to open up, at night I can see the stars on a clear night. I would highly recommend this car for anyone that likes to have a family car with a sporty edge. But in 3 more years I will be trading it in for the next up and coming car. I have leased my cars now for about 12 years and like that I can give it back and get something new again.


by Old Monarch on 06-12-2017:
Overall - 4.0
Comfort - 4/5
Performance - 4/5
Fuel Economy - 5/5
Interior Design - 3/5
Exterior Styling - 3/5
Reliability - 5/5

Great Car!
Bought my corolla sport in 2015. Great on gas with excellent handling. Nice car for driving around the city or on longer trips across country.


by Tiago Santos on 03-11-2016:
Overall - 4.5
Comfort - 5/5
Performance - 3/5
Fuel Economy - 5/5
Interior Design - 4/5
Exterior Styling - 4/5
Reliability - 4/5

I originally liked it for it’s sporty design. It turned out to be a very comfortable ride. The fuel milage is great. There has been very little that has gone wrong with the car over the past few years.

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