Citroen C3 – best small cars

The latest C3 goes funky with radical looks and an upmarket interior

Our pick: Citroen C3 PureTech 82 manual Feel

The Citroen C3 has come on in leaps and bounds with the Mk3 model. Gone is the rather anonymous predecessor, and in its place is a funky looking supermini that is designed to appeal to younger buyers.

With its Airbump body cladding and extra plastic trim, it has a look similar to a crossover, although it’s very much a supermini in terms of size and space. There’s a big boot and plenty of room in the cabin, while light controls mean it’ll be a piece of cake to position on the road.

The new C3 takes a leaf out of the DS3’s book by offering a long list of personalisation options, and you can have different roof and wing mirror colours, and a variety of different interior trims.

Engines are small and efficient, with just enough power to keep pace with traffic, although some can get noisy when you push them hard.

Best small cars 2017

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  9. Citroen C3
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