July 20, 2024

More than half of all cars bought in Spain are second-hand cars, but is this the best option for you too? Second-hand cars are the first option in Spain for three out of four car buyers.

It is important to note that this percentage includes many sales between individuals that do not end up as well as expected, especially with older cars. The time, kilometers, revisions, type of use, number of previous owners, and the way of driving each one of them are determining factors in the state of a second-hand car, and that in most occasions, we cannot get to know with certainty.

There are different types of second-hand cars, surely you have heard of second-hand cars, but do you really know what they are? and what is the difference between a second-hand car and a second-hand car? A second-hand car is any car that is not bought directly from a car dealership, generally known as a used car or second-hand car. Then, we have the used cars, which are pre-owned, in very good condition and that normally have only had one owner; in most cases, they are vehicles that come from leasing companies and leasing fleets.

Reasons why it is a good idea to buy a used car:

Used cars are a good investment.

A vehicle begins to lose its value the moment it leaves the dealership’s door. Obviously, it depends on how it is used, but according to statistics, a car loses approximately 10% of its value in its first month, and up to 20% over the course of the first year; and after the first year, the rate of depreciation slows down.

That’s why used car prices have already absorbed the impact of the initial depreciation and it is their first owners who have paid for them. With these facts on the table, we can argue that buying a second-hand car is a better investment than buying a first-hand one.

More options for the same budget.

Once you have established the amount of money you want to spend on your car, the difference in available options is abysmal. When you compare the prices of second-hand cars with first-hand cars, you will realize that you will be able to access vehicles and ranges of vehicles unattainable in the first-hand market. That’s right, used cars are better suited to you and your pocket. These are the top 10 cheapest used cars you can find on the market.

Occasionally also for insurance and taxes.

Of course, insurance prices depend on many factors, but in general, the insurance of a second-hand car is cheaper than the insurance of a new car. The same happens with taxes because when you formalize the purchase of a second-hand or used car, you will not have to pay the registration tax.

Used cars and circular economy.

In Spain, vehicles have an average age of 12 years. The used cars that you can find in DriveOn have a very short average age, even lower than other dealers, so giving a second life to one of these cars is to contribute to the circular economy. But if the purchase decision is based on sustainability, we can also find electric used cars, eco, and zero-emission vehicles.

That said, there are many ways to buy a second-hand car and it is worth being attentive. The prices of second-hand cars from private individuals are generally very attractive. This is due to the lack of security in the purchase, i.e., not even a good mechanic knows for sure if it will be a good purchase in the long run. Those initial savings can come back to haunt us in the form of undetected problems and breakdowns, so in these cases, only time will tell.

At this point, what is the best option? The Madrid Association of Automobile Dealers, known by its acronym AMDA, points out the importance of buying used vehicles from professionals to make a safe purchase and also benefits from numerous advantages that are not offered in the sale of vehicles between individuals. Among them, are the minimum guarantee of one year, the exhaustive revisions to which the cars are subjected, and the management of the administrative procedures. These are just some of the advantages of acquiring your used car with DriveOn, but there are even more.

DriveOn is the used car center of Alphabet, the BMW Group’s leasing company. All vehicles marketed from DriveOn come from Alphabet’s fleet of leasing cars, from which we select only the best vehicles so that they can meet our high-quality controls. This translates into refurbished used vehicles, with a wide variety of makes and models including a multitude of eco options, at the most competitive prices and with a money-back guarantee to ensure the full satisfaction of each buyer.